Toperiodiko write up!

Thanks to Toperiodiko (Greece) for the great write up of our album ¨The Wave¨ in Auditorium on 2/08/2019.

¨. . . without aesthetic limitations. . . an enjoyable, atmospheric ambient collage.¨καινούριες-μουσικές-στην-σκηνή-της/#.XUVZLlB9gnX


Head Cinema!

Thanks to Bad Alchemy for the great write up this month of our album The Wave, described as ¨head cinema!¨

Playing Piano for Ballet Bernasconi

Ballet Bernasconi – Mudita Arts for Peace, Laura Rae Bernasconi, Director at Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis “Inner Voyage, Outer Demons.”Dancers: Ana Portela Claudia LantiniJacqueline BackEmanuela BoldettiDavid van der VeenAlexander Bezuijen live music composition by Marcus Davidson

Publisert av Laura Rae Bernasconi Lørdag 15. juni 2019

A big night playing solo piano for Ballet Bernasconis performance in Amsterdam at Het Amsterdam Theaterhuis on Saturday 15th June 2019. Inspirational dancing and choreography made it easy to play for!

Volve Vokal perform new piece

No photo description available.

The awesome Volve Vokal choir will be performing Marcus´s new piece Inside The Pyramid at the Avgarde concert on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 from 21:00-22:00 at Rosenkrantz Tårnet, Bergenhus 4, 5003 Bergen.

Radio in March

Thanks to Querfunk 104.8 Radio Karlsruhe for playing Tabla Dance from our album ¨The Wave¨ on the Orsinos Lied – Weltmusik program on 10.03.2019

and thanks to Eldoradio Dortmund 93.00 for playing Tabla Dance from our album ¨The Wave¨on the program Klangwelten 12.03.2019

More radio play for ¨The Wave¨

Thanks to ERR Klassikaraadio for playing The Wave Pt. 2 from our album ¨The Wave¨ on the Fantaasia program – 15.02.2019

Thanks to ORF oe1 (Austria) for playing Hildegard´s Dream and The Wave Pt. 1 form our album ¨The Wave¨ on the Zeit-Ton Magazin program on

Thanks to FABIAN TURNER (PHABIUS) for playing Tabla Dance from our Album ¨The Wave¨ on the MEGALO TAXIDI RADIO SHOW #79 on 26th February 2019 on NESS RADIO Marrakech/Paris

Great reviews for ¨The Wave¨

Many great reviews already for ¨The Wave¨


From Amusio

¨When Marcus Davidson and Roger Huckle pulverize the boundaries between Wild West Saloon and Middle Eastern Divan, the wave announced in the album title could break. Out of sheer good humor. And the pleasure of your own stamina. . . Not exactly simple. But still nice.¨…/kontinuitaet-faktor-ohne-groesse/2/

from Sonic Seducer, ¨Frog Chorus¨ is a secret highpoint!

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Great review of ¨The Wave¨ by Musik an sich, 19 out of 20, contender for album of the year!

. . . it’s carried by the polished composition, performance and production that give it an undeniable richness, vibrancy and class. It also has potential as a stepping stone for listeners of more traditional music who are intrigued by something that’s just a shade more experimental without being challenging.

Radio play for ¨The Wave¨

¨The Wave¨is already receiving radio play early into its release!


Thanks to the Estonian classical music station ERR Klassikaraadio for playing Tabla Dance on their program Fantaasia on 13-02-2019


and thanks to Radio Radio Canada, ¨who broadcast ¨Frog Chorus¨ on the Mary’s Web program, 17.02.2019
Radio Radio
104.5 FM Calgary, Alberta